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From The Desk Of Eddie Chiew

Dear Fellow Marketer,

You see it so much online that you probably don't even notice it any more - 'Master Resell Rights Included' or '50 Resell Rights Ebooks For $37'...

But it's exactly because it's become so common that most people don't pay much attention and end up losing out on potentially thousands of dollars!

When you buy a product with resell rights or master resell rights what you're actually purchasing is literally a license to make money.

Creating products is one of the most time-consuming things that any internet marketer has to do, so why put yourself through this ordeal (and to many it really IS an ordeal) when you, and in fact most online wealth seekers are walking past a potential goldmine on an almost daily basis?

If you don't have time to create a product then resell rights and master resell rights products could be your way in to earning an online income.

Most people simply don't know how to use resell rights properly and that's why they don't make any money with them.

Let's face it - resell rights ebooks have become ten a penny in recent years. This is great news for us because if most marketers are ignoring resell rights it means that the time is right for someone with a little insight to make an absolute killing online!

It's all about fitting a product to a market. If you get it right you can make thousands of dollars with very little work.

One of the quickest ways of starting a business online is selling resell rights that you've bought and keeping 100% of the profit. You're letting them do most of the product creation work for you!

Very often there's no need to create a sales page or graphics either because they comes as part of the resell package. It's the unltimate business start up solution - If You Know What You're Doing.


Resell Rights Visited is an absolute must have for anyone who is serious about making a profit from resell rights online.

Starting with the differences between the confusing array of rights that are issued by product creators online and looking at some of the main ways that anyone - newbie or experienced marketer - can use to make hundreds and thousands of dollars in profit online, from small inexpensive resell rights books.

You'll also find out what you can and can't do with resell rights, and what most people miss when they first get involved in resell marketing.


In fact you'll learn how to build an entire business on resell rights you can pick up for just a few dollars!

If you're serious about making money online then the resell rights marketing is one aspect of internet marketing that you simply can't afford to ignore. Even if you've never had anything to do with resell rights before this invaluable book will take you from getting started right through to how to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars from resell rights.

You'll discover:

Places to buy different types of resale rights products - Including the advantages and disadvantages of each and traps to look out for.

Ultimate viral marketing techniques using resell rights products.

The main resell rights mistakes and how to avoid them

How to use resell rights to mega-boost your list and massively increase your profits

How to drive traffic to your websites using resell rights products

The 'short reports' secret

How to use your competition to find your killer market

How to make resell rights products work for you offline too

and much more....

You can't ignore resell rights if you want to make money online. Everwhere you look in internet marketing you'll see references to resell rights - and quite rightly so - fortunes have been made in resell rights.

It's a massive part of online income generation and you're leaving a shedload of money sitting on the table if you don't know your resell from your master resell rights.

Can you afford to miss this info in this book?

The choice is yours

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Best wishes

Eddie Chiew